Lobl Law Health runs workshops and webinars for law firms

Wellbeing Initiatives to Promote Resilience and Health among Attorneys

Workshops & Webinars

Lobl Law Health offers workshops and presentations to law firms committed to supporting the mental health of their attorneys and staff.

Topics for workshops and presentations are tailored to the needs of the law firm, but may include, for example:

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness in the Workplace: Some Guidelines for Setting Boundaries and Managing Professionals Conflicts
  • Improving Wellbeing In Professional Relations: Developing Norms for Learning and Working in Group
  • Effective Mentoring: Some Guidelines for Developing an Enduring Relationship


Dr. Lobl worked for 6 years as faculty at the Family Medicine residency program at the Institute for Family Health – a medical residency program affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. During this time, he and his faculty colleague designed and developed the entire psychosocial curriculum for the residency. This curriculum included two dozen workshops and presentations on fostering well-being; reflective practices; and effective communications skills in professional settings.