Lobl Law Health provides couseling to lawyers working remotely

Wellbeing Initiatives to Promote Resilience and Health among Attorneys

Wellbeing for Lawyers Working Remotely

Lawyers and staff working remotely present a host of new challenges for law firms, but they also present law firms with new opportunities. Addressing issues of accountability and performance will mean structuring contacts with lawyers and staff differently.

With lawyers and staff working remotely, law firms may need to take a more engaged and proactive role in promoting lawyers’ and staff motivation and selfcare.

Devising new structure, schedules, and goals to address the foregoing priorities may help firms forge new, more collaborative and regular professional interactions – professional interactions that can serve law firms’ long term objectives of retention and training and that can serve to promote wellbeing amongst lawyers and staff.

Examples of law firm projects that may be the subject of consultation include:

  • Developing remote mentoring, including reverse mentoring, programs;
  • Adapting and transitioning wellbeing initiatives to virtual platforms;
  • Rethinking options for monitoring lawyers at risk for mental health conditions;
  • Establishing norms for effective remote communications among lawyers and staff.