Lobl Law health helps law firms with treatment referrals

Wellbeing Initiatives to Promote Resilience and Health among Attorneys

Treatment Referrals

If needed, Dr. Lobl can provide treatment referrals based on the professional relationships he has forged in the field of mental health in New York City since 2001.

These referrals may include for example:

  • a substance abuse treatment program with a strong reputation in the mental health community;
  • a senior clinician with expertise in treating a specific cluster of symptoms, such as OCD; Panic Disorder; anger management issues; or Personality Disorders;
  • a CBT program with an established tradition of providing evidence-based treatments;
  • A psychiatrist with expertise treating ADHD or Bipolar Disorder;
  • a seasoned family therapist or couple‚Äôs counselor;
  • a hospital with an inpatient hospital program known for its therapeutic milieu;
  • a therapy group facilitated by a DBT expert.