Lobl Law Health helps law firms manage health risks among staff

Wellbeing Initiatives to Promote Resilience and Health among Attorneys

Risk Management

Lobl Law Health helps law firms assess and calibrate their response to behavioral health and substance use issues with their lawyers and staff.

Issues may arise unexpectedly or may be long standing. In either case, such issues are typically cause for great concern by law firm management.

As a law firm works to sort out the nature and scope of the risk and to develop possible options, Dr. Lobl is available to bring the range and depth of his clinical experience to the conversation with a unique appreciation of the factors involved.

Having previously worked as an attorney, the combination of his clinical experience and his understanding of law firm environments can help a firm develop options to address the risk at hand that are sensitive to the organization’s milieu.


Dr. Lobl has decades of experience managing complex clinical risks in different settings, from anxiety and mood disorders to self-destructive behaviors such as alcohol addiction and active suicidality.