Law Firm REaltionship Management Counseling by Lobl Law Health

Wellbeing Initiatives to Promote Resilience and Health among Attorneys

Relationship Management

When patterns of interacting are misaligned with the organization’s culture and overall mission, the productivity and wellbeing of those involved are negatively affected. If left unaddressed, these patterns may become entrenched and may begin to look hopeless to those affected. This outlook may in turn affect both performance and retention.

But interpersonal patterns are never “hopeless.” Almost all interpersonal patterns can be improved upon, if not significantly, at least sufficiently to render a situation more professionally sustainable. 

In consulting to law firms on challenging interpersonal patterns, Dr. Lobl first seeks to understand the nature and scope of the problem.

From there, Dr. Lobl and stakeholders discuss the dynamics that underlie the challenging pattern. Dr. Lobl brings to the discussion his expertise on behavioral health, human motivation, and interpersonal communication and during the course of this process, solutions begin to take shape. From there, Dr. Lobl and firm stakeholders then work to develop options for mitigating or eliminating the pattern.

Examples of interactions that may be the subject of consultation include:

  • A charismatic and talented lawyer with a pattern of excessive drinking who pressures other lawyers to do the same;
  • A junior Partner who is valued by management but whom Associates avoid due to his or her interpersonal style;
  • A Senior Associate who acts in a flirtatious and unprofessional manner towards Associates that he supervises;
  • A Partner who frequently assigns work at the end of the week; insists that the work be completed on Monday; and imposes deadlines that are unrelated to the client’s own timeline.