In 2017, the American Bar Association’s National Task Force on Lawyer Well Being reported findings that showed high rates of problem drinking, depression, and anxiety among lawyers. Since then, many law firms have directed considerable efforts towards improving the wellbeing of their attorneys.


Dr. Lobl of Lobl Law Health works directly with law firm stakeholders to identify and address wellbeing issues that may be prevalent within their firm.

Consultations may involve, for example, developing a wellness program; improving mentoring; addressing the stigma of seeking help; and updating the process for integrating lateral hires.

Because the dynamics influencing wellbeing vary from firm to firm, successful wellbeing initiatives should fit each firm’s unique dynamics – and leverage the progress that firm has already made in promoting wellbeing. To succeed, such wellbeing initiatives benefit from in depth understanding of mental health issues and from an appreciation of the complex pressures lawyers and staff face within law firm environments.


In addition to his work as a consultant to law firms, Dr. Lobl has worked for 20 years in the field of mental health as a clinician and educator. In the past 6 years, he worked as faculty in a medical residency program in New York City where he developed a psychosocial curriculum that teaches effective communications skills, self-care, and reflective practices – including mindfulness. Prior to his work in mental health, Dr. Lobl worked for several years as an Associate at large law firms and is well-acquainted with the pressures law firms and their attorneys face.

Dr. Lobl’s experience enables him to engage law firm stakeholders in practical, thoughtful, and discreet conversations on those aspects of law firm life that have complex psychological and systemic dimensions affecting wellbeing.